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You’re getting on my last NERV!

We’ve had the opportunity to discuss quite a lot of things in the Math of Sports and Games class.  Right now, they’re working on a project on NERV. 

NERV stands for net expected run value (see here, for more).   It’s a great lesson to talk about that utilizes probability and expected value in a real tangible way.  We’re using math to better create strategies to cause baseball teams to win.  How is that not a cool thing? 

No longer is math a series of steps, but rather a tool that is used to increase success (we’re looking at success on the baseball field, but I think the kids will start to see it as a tool to increase success in other ways too). 


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First post!

So, I decided to join the foray into the blogging world.  I teach math at Waynesboro High School, where I’ve been for 6 years.   It’s a relatively small school with around 900 students, but has a pretty diverse student body.    This summer I hope to rethink how I’m currently doing things for my classes and I started this blog to share my progress (or lack thereof).

I don’t quite know everything that will be on my teaching slate for next year, but I do have an idea of what most of my classes are.  I’ll start my work with these classes.  They are:

  • Calculus
    My Calculus class is a non-AP, non-DE Calculus class.   I’ve taught it for about 4 years and am looking to do some major changes as you’ll surely read about.
  • Algebra 3
    I’ve never taught this class before.   It’s supposed to be the Virginia Math Capstone course.   The teacher who is teaching it now is retiring, and I know that this class will push me a bit more than I’m comfortable.
  • Math of Sports and Games
    This class was one I actually pushed to get approved last year.  I was able to get the school board to approve the course, but we didn’t have enough interest to offer it.   This coming year, we have the numbers to offer it.  The class is designed to be taken by upperclassmen  (meaning that students need to have taken Algebra 1, Geometry, and one more math class).   I’ll speak more on this class later.
  • Dual Enrollment Statistics
    I just completed my master’s degree in Math, and I’m already taking advantage of it with this class.   This will be the first year that our school offers a Dual Enrollment Statistics course, and I’m excited about it.

I believe that I should have one more course besides these ones, so I’ll surely have a lot of preps this year.  I’m looking forward to it though.


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