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Math of Sports and Games description

Since I’ll be referencing it a lot in some of these blog posts, I wanted to share what my Math of Sports and Games course actually is.

Here’s the course description that I wrote for our program of studies:

Mathematics of Sports and Games
Prerequisite: Pass Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis OR Algebra 2
Standards of Learning Addressed: Various standards will be addressed found in the following courses:

Credit: 1 elective credit
(actually, we were able to modify this to provide an actual math credit to students)

Course Description:
This course will investigate the mathematics behind sports and games. Our investigations will apply the principles of functions, probability, statistics, geometry, and equations to sports and games. This course is designed to strengthen a student’s mathematics skills while looking at practical applications of mathematics as it applies to sports and games.

This next year, I will be teaching the course as part of a pilot program.  We have chosen a group of about 20 students that show academic promise, but perhaps do not believe in themselves.   Kids that need a push.  As part of this program, each kid will be given an ipad for the year, so I’m hoping to be able to come up with some ideas to use those (once they come in, and I can start playing with it).

I wrote up a short blurb to give the kids (or probably their parents) an idea of what’s going on in this course.  It reads as follows:

Is there really such thing as home field advantage?  Can we predict the performance of players?   What strategies should we employ that would give our team the highest possibility of success?  What strategies should we use that would give us the best possibility of success in a particular game?

In math of sports and games, students will examine question such as these and the mathematical relationships that exist within the realm of sports and games.  Students will develop problem solving skills while working collaboratively with peers.  This course will help students develop the critical thinking skills (as well as mathematical content knowledge) necessary to be successful in their future endeavours in further education.

I don’t really know what all will happen in this course.  I know that it will be project driven.  The math content will come as the projects dictate.  I won’t be presenting math content as much as providing math content as they realize the need for it.  I could easily turn this course into a very statistic heavy one, but I’d like it to be more of a balance of statistics with their other mathematics knowledge.

I’ll share some of my project ideas as time goes on.

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